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Mums Can’t Afford To Eat!

A survey of customers by a major UK supermarket chain has come up with some shocking results. It has found that some mums are going without food so that they can feed their children. Food poverty is becoming a real issue in the UK but yet each family on average is throwing away £50 of food per month. We really must start to take action, it’s crazy that one family may be throwing good food in the bin whilst another cannot afford to feed themselves. It’s time for communities to pull together to help those who are in need.

We say, Love Taste and Hate Waste and lets stand up for those Mums who can’t afford to eat!


The Scandal of Food Waste

Having been guilty of throwing lots of food away myself, one of the things that shocked me was the amount of food that we in the UK  throw away. Each year, on average, every family throws away one third of the food they buy and that equates to a staggering £12bn. It also means that we as a nation dump 9 million tons of food waste every year into landfill. So that’s £12bn of food that was at one point perfectly good to eat. £12bn straight into the bin! We then pay as a nation again, for the 9 million tons of food waste to be processed. The thing is we don’t need to throw things away; we can make soups and stocks from veg going a little limp, make bread crumbs from our bread and freeze them. My challenge to myself was to cut waste and change my families eating habits for good! Is there anyone else out there who feels the same?

My Lonely Courgette… Day 1


As part of my drive to cut waste I thought that it would be a great idea to grow stuff. That way, I can pick what I need and so reduce the amount I throw away. I saw these fab yellow courgette seeds and thought I’d give them a try. I do know that it can be equally foolish to plant the entire packet of seeds, just because you’ve bought them (Yes I own up. It was me and a packet of beetroot seeds). After planting my courgette seed, I became like an over protective father checking that it had enough sun, not too much sun, enough water, not too much water… Then after a few days I looked at it and saw that it had sprouted. Yay!! I’m now officially a grower of courgettes!

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