Take Stock & Make Stock… A tasty way to cut waste and save money!


 Sauces, soups & risotto. Just 3 of the wonderful things that you can make from stock. After consuming our chicken yesterday I have decided to get yet more meals from our tasty bird!. Prices are going up and up and so it only seems right that I leverage every last bit of value from my purchases. As the photo above illustrates it cannot be any easier – chicken carcass, carrot, shallots and some thyme. Simply put in a large pan with water and simmer gently for a few hours. In fact the longer the better and for me that will be anything up to 8 hours. By that point the chicken carcass has come apart and that tells me it has had a thoroughly good cooking.

I’ve added 2 carcasses to this batch. One is from the freezer and is what I had left when I jointed a chicken. Double the chicken means a hefty increase in the punch of flavour. 

My plans for the stock are to make a haddock and pea risotto for dinner this evening and then I will use the remainder to make a tomato and chili soup.

I find that stock cubes are expensive and can be full of chemical rubbish with way too much salt; so I prefer to make my own. Honestly, if you’ve never had a go you will not believe how easy it is and how much wonderful natural, chemical free flavour you will get.

If you have any stock leftover or you want to make it last just pour it into ice cube trays. You can use the cubes straight from frozen and add as required.

So come on Take Stock and Make some stock.

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