Old Fashioned Soft Fruit

Berries are great! Full of goodness for a healthy life. In recent years we have seen the growth in popularity of berries grown on the slopes of the himalayas and other such exotic fare. Yes I’m talking about the Goji berry and of course they are wonderful but I urge you to think of more humble berries such as the blackberry and the gooseberry. They are packed with vitamins and goodness and thrive well in our changeable UK weather. I managed to forage these earlier in the year and as the winter starts to set in, why not think about planting some homegrown berries. Yes, raspberries etc are great and universally popular but why not think about some of the more old fashioned varieties. I remember as a child going out and blackberry picking with my nan which she would turn into the most wonderful pie. They are a great resource to have in the garden but if you don’t have space, then I urge you to go out and forage for them. It’s great fun for the whole family!

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